A note from Ruchir Gupta – Founder, Shakunsoft

Dear everybody connected to Shakunsoft,

The recent outspread of COVID-19 has impacted lives of everybody on this planet. Our daily routines and habits have changed. Thousands of people in this world are getting infected and significant numbers of people are dying every day.

We all fear. We all worry about our families. Our generation has never faced a pandemic as dangerous as COVID-19 before. But to fight and to win for existence is human tendency. This is not the first-time mankind is facing a pandemic. We fought with and won our battle against Plague in 18th century. We fought with and won our battle against Spanish Flu in 20th century. And in 21st century also, we will not only fight with but also win our battle against COVID-19.

Once a flood goes away, the possibilities of flourishment of many types of lives in the atmosphere grows. Let’s see this pandemic as a possibility of our growth in a different way and scale. COVID-19 has changed our fundamental necessities. Humans are social animal but it has become mandatory for people to maintain social distancing to survive. Until now, social distancing was no normal. But it’s now a necessity. And necessity gives birth to inventions.

As an Information Technology Company, it’s our responsibility to bring solutions before the people and businesses that keep them running safely while taking enough preventive measures for them. It is very easy for people to frequently exchange information or discuss things verbally in their office. But when most countries are locking down their cities highly impacted of COVID-19, it has become very difficult for people and businesses to stay connected and collaborate as easily as it was before. And this is where the whole IT industry needs to work upon. That’s not only the necessity of others but also of ours.

We, at Shakunsoft are taking these steps to contribute our bit against the battle with COVID-19:

  • Educating people about Remote Working while staying connected with their colleagues and collaborating with them.
  • Bringing contents on online platforms like YouTube to make it easier for students and enthusiasts to learn stuffs they need.
  • Building solutions that helps communities bridge their gaps between one another while staying at their homes with several web portals.
  • Our donations to the global COVID-19 response to help lessen the economic impact on people in need has reached Rs. 1,19,100/-. We are matching our employee donations 2:1 to inspire our employees help people in need the maximum to their capacity.
  • For our clients, customers and consumers across the globe: We are offering our various services such as Digital Marketing and Website Design for discounted rates that will help them promote their business in this crisis. Our Software Solutions for businesses are also sold in discounted rates. All our consulting services are now online.
  • For our partners and freelancers who depend primarily on their income through Shakunsoft, we are making sure they receive the minimum committed amount every month.
  • For our employees: 90% of our employees will work from home until this situation becomes normal. We have setup work environment to our employee's homes. Moreover, we are giving Rs. 1500/- additional "Internet and Electricity Allowance" per month to each of our employees who are working at home.

Looking ahead, Shakunsoft has always chosen to face and fight with big challenges. We’ll rise to fight with this challenge, too.