What Shakunsoft is and What it does

Shakunsoft is a multibusiness, multilocation company from India serving the clients, customers and consumers across the globe.

Shakunsoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also known as “Shakunsoft” is a private company in India. Started in 2012 as a “Software Consultancy” in a small semi-urban city of Gujarat named “Himatnagar”; today Shakunsoft has grown to 8 different businesses viz. Software Development and Outsourcing, Website Design Solutions, Corporate Identity and Brand Development, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Books, e-Books, Magazines and Video Publishing, Business, Creative and Technical Consulting, IT Training, Hiring and Career Development, Research, Innovation and Development, and has its operational offices in 3 metropolitan cities of India viz. Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore,

Shakunsoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


How Shakunsoft exceeds expectations

Entirety, Perfection and  Optimality

Photograph by: Tuende Bede

"Entirety, Perfection and Optimality" – these are our values at Shakunsoft that keeps us delivering to the best of our capacity.

Long story short, we hate incompleteness and unfeasible allocation of resources. If something is not the best, it is not good for us. We believe that something 99% complete is 0% complete. With this philosophy in our minds, we don't compete with others. We just strive for the best to the maximum of our capacity. Our values, Entirety, Perfection and Optimality reflect in our work culture, in our journey of 8+ years, that Shakunsoft has served and is serving the clients, customers and consumers of all types and sizes ranging from individual users to the leading business entities from various industries.

Some of the featured clients of Shakunsoft are District Panchayat Sabarkantha (an Indian Govt body in Himatnagar city of Gujarat State), Print Media Agencies, BPOs, Agriculture Industry, Healthcare Industry and MSMEs.


Our Mission, Our Constitution

Shakunsoft has a very clear vision and mission: "To do everything, everywhere!" Period.

We are ambitious. We don't leave any stone unturned. We strive for the growth in every directions. And that's not possible to do alone. Shakunsoft offers the opportunies to grow and succeed mutually through its various partnership models with individials and agencies. Whether you are a job seeker, a freelancer, an innovator or a business; you are welcome to join us in our journey towards excellence.

With a team of 50+ highly experienced and trained staff, Shakunsoft has its clients, customers and consumers base in United States (45%), India (30%), Australia (10%), New Zealand (5%), Singapore (2%) and others.

Shakunsoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Photograph by: Lubos Houska